About Wendy Tamis Robbins

Growing up in a working class town, living in a household ripe with instability and enduring decades of nearly crippling anxiety Wendy Tamis Robbins knows that life is challenging – and those challenges are both external and internal. While hurdles of shame, self loathing and scarcity were ever present, for Wendy, hopeless resignation was never an option. 

Wendy Tamis Robbins reclaimed her body, education and life.  Through hard work and determination she earned a scholarship and worked to put herself through Dartmouth College and later, law school. Upon passing the bar exam Wendy began using her position to advocate for low income housing, homeless veterans, single mothers being released from prison and special schooling and medical care for orphans in Quito, Ecuador.  

Still, after achieving external success and a myriad of personal goals, the weight of shame only grew stronger and the panic attacks more unpredictable, leaving Wendy to question if a life of peace, joy and fulfillment was even possible.

Through practicing self-awareness, reflection and examination, Wendy Tamis Robbins realized that the box she she had built for herself was a prison and her fears where shackles. And the path she had protected herself from her whole life was actually her road to redemption. Now, rather than running from failure, she seeks and embraces it. Rather than hiding behind and perpetuating a shield of perfection, she finds true connection through vulnerability and shared struggles.   

So, while grace and failure may seem like strange bedfellows, in order to exist one requires the other.  Wendy Tamis Robbins uses the depth of both perspectives to create captivating content, ultimately leading to themes such as love of self, authentic connection and spiritual redemption.